• GBC CL100 Cutter

    GBC CL100 A4 Cutter

    The GBC CL100 A4 Office Guillotine is a cutting machine that can safely and accurately cut up to 10 pages at a time using the inbuilt safety features to protect against accidental misuse. It’s designed for use with A4 documents and should deliver a sharp, clean edge on all your documents or craft items.


    • This guillotine can be used to cut all sizes of paper up to A4 size.
    • It can be used to cut up to 10 sheets of 80 gsm paper at a time.
    • It includes a clear acrylic safety guard and blade latch to keep you protected from harm.
  • MP1211-LTSC Calculator

    CALC MP1211-LTSC

    Benefit from full tax, business and currency conversion functions with this 12-digit calculator. It features 2-colour ink ribbon printing, a large 2-colour display and a smart, silver metallic finish.


    • 12-digit, 2-colour ink ribbon printing calculator
    • Time-saving tax, business, currency conversion and cash change functions
    • Large, 2-colour, backlit display
    • Spacious keyboard layout for heavy-duty use
    • Stylish silver metallic finish
  • MP120-MG


    This 12-digit, 2-colour display, 2-colour printing calculator combines eco-friendly production with professional performance. Business, tax and currency conversion functions add to efficiency.


    • Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material
    • 2-colour printing, 2.7 lines per second
    • Large 2-colour Pure Green display
    • Business, tax and currency conversion functions
    • Clock and Calendar function
    • AC powered
  • LS-39E


    The LS-39E is an 8-digit, large display handheld calculator with 360 degree rotating hard cover (upward folding cover).


    • EURO conversion calculation function
    • Large display character size
    • 360 degree rotating protective hard cover
    • Large customer logo printing space on the hard cover for premium business
    • Sign change key
    • % change key
  • IBICO 1214X angle1IBICO 1214X

    1214X Semi-Professional Calculator

    The compact Ibico 1214X Print Semi-Professional Calculator is flexible for use on your desktop with a mains adaptor or with batteries. It prints in black and red, has an angled 12-digit LCD display and prints at 2.4 lines per second. With a choice of time or date on the display plus print or non-print modes, it is one of the most versatile printer calculators available.


    • Angled 12-digit LCD display
    • 2 colour printing (black/red)
    • Printing speed: 2.4 lines per second
    • Compact printer calculator
    • Printing/non-printing mode
    • Choice of clock or date on display
  • IBICO 208X angle1IBICO 208X

    Ibico 208X Desktop Calculator

    At 133 x 106 x 26 mm and weighing just 100 grams, the 8-digit LCD Ibico 208X is an ideal briefcase calculator. It has large plastic keys with an extra large + key, a four position full width tilting display and a handy rollover function.



    The attractively designed Rexel Heavy Duty Tacker is tough enough for everyday use even on heavy duty tasks. It includes a safety lock handle and uses Rexel 23/6, 23/8, 23/10 and 23/13 staples.


    • Metal tacker for heavy duty purposes
    • The handle includes a safety lock
    • Suitable for 23/6, 23/8, 23/10 and 23/13 staples
  • Giant Heavy Duty Stapler

    Giant Heavy Duty Stapler

    Rexel Giant is an iconic heavy duty stapler. Its strong die cast metal construction combined with cantilever action ensures easy action. It has an adjustable throat depth and is capable of stapling very thick documents. It uses the Rexel No. 66 staple range and handles up to 40 sheets with No. 66/8 staples, up to 70 sheets with No. 66/11 staples and up to 100 sheets with No. 66/14 staples.


    • Robust die-cast metal construction
    • Adjustable throat depth
    • Loads Rexel range of No.66 staples (66/8-11-14)
    • Max sheets capacity 100
    • 2 year guarantee
  • Goliath Heavy Duty Stapler

    Goliath Heavy Duty Stapler

    The Goliath Heavy Duty Stapler has a powerful handle to cope with weighty documents up to 100 sheets. The metal chassis and adjustable gauge ensure accuracy every time. With an adjustable throat paper depth of up to 70mm, it uses the Rexel No. 66 staple range and handles up to 40 sheets with 66/8, 30 to 70 sheets with 66/11 and 50 to 100 sheets with 66/14 staples.


    • Economical heavy duty stapler
    • All metal chassis with a contoured plastic handle cover
    • Adjustable throat depth up to 70mm
    • Loads Rexel range of No.66 staples (66/8-11-14)
    • Maximum Sheet capacity : 20 to 100 sheets